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When? Started: 1993 Who? Started with staff and friends from U H S, Chester. Organiser: Martyn Harris We walk every Wednesday and Saturdays, New Years day and May Day. How many walk? Walks take place as long as there are at least 2 wanting to walk on that day. More walk on a Wednesday than on a Saturday. Most ever: 29. Numbers walking: 2-12, a mid-week and 3-4 on Saturday. Where do we walk? Saturday: Anywhere in North and Mid-Wales, Peak District, Shropshire and the Long Mynd and as far North as the Trough of Bowland. Thursday: Anywhere within about 40 miles of Chester. Type of walk: Distance: 6 – 14 miles. Climb: up to 4000’ (but usually very much less!). Those involved in 2017:- Martyn Harris, Fran Murphy, Sue and Michel Pelissier, Annie Hammond, Sue and Dave Pearson, Mike Dodd, David and Anne Savage, Celia de Mengle, Wendy and Ian Peers, Roger and Margaret Smith, Tim and Carol Dwyer, Paul Collinson, Phil Marsland, Sylvia and Dave Jenkins, Sheila McNee, Ed Meads, Elaine and John Greenhalgh, Jim McCabe, Mal Pulford., Joyce Russell

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Moel Famau - Not Twice, but Thrice 30th July 2015

The Red route or is it the Blue route to Moel Famau.
The first visit to Moel Famau Jubilee Tower.
Looking back along the route that we used to climb to Moel Famau for the second time.
At the Jubilee Tower for the second time.
The second path to be explored on the way to the Moel Famau summit for the third time.
Guess who is in the lead!
At the Jubilee Tower for the third time.
Which way down?
Just to prove that I did make it to the Jubilee Tower view point.
A last look towards Moel Famau, showing the path used on the first ascent (right) and the path used on the final descent (left).
The forest road down to Bwlch Penbarra with the Arans on the skyline.
This thistle must be special attracting three bees!
Walk stats: Distance: 6.4 miles. Climb: 1890'.
Time: 4 hours 16 minutes. On the move walking average: 2.0 m.p.h. Overall walk average: 1.5 m.p.h.
Group: Martyn, David S and Phil.
A very select group today, and despite the forecast, we set off in in what might be described as "spotty rain" and it wasn't long when I had to bite the bullet and put on my waterproof jacket which I kept on until lunchtime - not because it was raining all of the time, but the North westerly wind was quite cool once we had climbed above the forest or what was left of the forest!
 The views today were quite good, but not exactly crystal clear, but Beeston Hill could be seen as could most of the high tops of Snowdonia.
 Lunch was taken on arriving at the Jubilee Tower for the third time, where we sheltered in one of the recesses in the tower base.
 We were surprised to see how much work had been done centre of the tower view point, with new stone work creating a convenient place to sit and new brass plates giving direction of the major peaks that could be seen as well as information about the tower itself.
 We decided to head for Bwlch Penbarra via a forest road as soon as we could escape from the main Offa's Dyke path  that was like a busy "motorway"!
 Birds seen or heard were few and far between but included: Common kestrel, Common buzzard, Raven, Carrion crow, Meadow pipit, Woodpigeon, Black-billed magpie and winter wren.
 David and Phil also saw was a Weasel.
  The final descent from Bwlch Penbarra to the lower car park was along the path that went parallel with the road. This had largely significantly improved by putting slate flakes, making it a very mud free route. This path was lined with lots of thistles and yellow flowers that made it an avenue that attracted lots of different bees and other insects.
 We arrived back at the car, having found two little used paths that were quite pleasant and could be used as alternative paths to some of the more unpleasant stone paths leading to Moel Famau summit.
 After walk drinks were enjoyed at the Glasfryn, Mold, where Purple Moose Snowdonia Ale went down well as did one of the brews from Bear Town Brewery.

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