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When? Started: 1993 Who? Started with staff and friends from U H S, Chester. Organiser: Martyn Harris We walk every Wednesday and Saturdays, New Years day and May Day. How many walk? Walks take place as long as there are at least 2 wanting to walk on that day. More walk on a Wednesday than on a Saturday. Most ever: 29. Numbers walking: 2-12 in mid-week and 2-4 on Saturday. Where do we walk? Saturday: Anywhere in North and Mid-Wales, Peak District, Shropshire and the Long Mynd and as far North as the Trough of Bowland. Thursday: Anywhere within about 40 miles of Chester. Type of walk: Distance: 6 – 14 miles. Climb: up to 4000’ (but usually very much less!). Those involved in 2017:- Martyn Harris, Fran Murphy, Sue and Michel Pelissier, Annie Hammond, Sue and Dave Pearson, Mike Dodd, David and Anne Savage, Wend and Ian Peers, Celia de Mengle, Wendy and Ian Peers, Roger and Margaret Smith, Tim and Carol Dwyer, Paul Collinson, Phil Marsland, Sylvia and Dave Jenkins, Sheila McNee, Ed Meads, Elaine and John Greenhalgh, Jim McCabe, Mal Pulford, Nigel Taylor, Naomi Deynem

Monday, 29 September 2008

Harris Hikers Go to Italy 2008 Stats

Tuesday 18th July 2008
Rifugio Boschetto to Rifugio Fraccoroli

Distance: 8.5 miles.
Time:8 hours 46 minutes.
Walking average:2.0 m.p.h.
Overall walk average:1.0 m.p.h.
Group:Martyn, Richard, Annie H., Catherine, Sylvia and Dave J., Celia, Laurence, Fran and Tito, Michel and Sue.
Wednesday 19th July 2008
Passa del la Zevola, Monte Terrato and MostannaTerazzo.
Distance: 7.9 miles.
Time:8 hours 41 minutes.
Walking average:2.2 m.p.h.
Overall walk average:0.9 m.p.h.
Group:Martyn, Richard, Annie H., Catherine, Sylvia and Dave J., Celia, Laurence, Fran and Tito, Michel and Sue.
Sunday 22nd June 2008
Around Grancola.
Distance:8.6 m.p.h.
Time:3 hours 52 minutes.
Walking average:2.6 m.p.h.
Overall walk average:2.2 m.p.h.
Group:Martyn, Richard, Annie H., Catherine, Sylvia and Dave J., Celia, Laurence, Fran and Tito, Michel and Sue, Sue and Dave P.
Monday 23rd June 2008
Monte Baldo.
Distance:2 miles.
Group:Martyn, Richard, Annie H., Catherine, Sylvia and Dave J., Celia, Laurence, Fran and Tito, Michel and Sue, Sue and Dave P.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Carneddau 27th September 2008

Yr garn and the Glyders from Pen Yr Ole wen. Dave J. and the rest of the group on Carnedd Dafydd
Heading for the lunch spot - Carnedd Dafyd to Carnedd Llewelyn.
An unusual light effect over the Glyders, observed from the Ffynon Llugwy Reservoir road.
Walk stats:
Distance:9.3 miles; Climb:3180' (Martyn only).
Distance:10.3 miles;Climb:3580' (Mike D only).
Distance:11.8 miles; Climb:3900' (Richard and Dave J).
Time:7 hours10 minutes; Walking average:1.6 m.p.h.;Overall walk average:1.3 m.p.h.
Group: Martyn, Richard, Dave J., and Mike D.
This was a glorious day weather wise, blue skies throughout, sunny and very little wind. This proved a little more challenging than I had anticipated from memory and some of the scrambling, particularly the descent from from Penywaun wen to Bwlch Eryl Farchog and down to Ffynon Llugwy Reservoir. Once on the ridge the views were stunning in all directions. What a joy it is to be walking in Snowdonia on days like this. After Pen Yr Ole Wen and Carnedd Dafydd we had lunch some way along Cefn Ysgolion Duon. After lunch I decided that the trip to Yr Elen was not for me, so I waited on Carnedd Llewelyn, listening to Liverpool beat Everton while the other three completed the there and back trip to Yr Elen. In tyhe final stages only Dave J., and Richard climbed Pen yr Helgi Du and Martyn and Dave dropped down via the Ffynon Llugwy Reservoir path.
Bird seen or heard today included: Meadow pipit, Magpie, Wheatear, Raven, Wren and Buzzard
This long, but superb day out on the Carneddau Mountains was capped with one or two equally good pints of J.W. Lees bitter at the Britannia Inn, Pentre Halkyn.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Dates and Walks September 2008

Updated on the Friday 26th September 2008.
A thought on after walk drinks.
After much discussion it was decided to leave everything as it was. None drivers would be responsible for buying the drinks as and when they felt it was their turn!
I am sure this will be discussed again on many occasions, but at present leaving things as they were seemed to be the option that was preferred.
Thursday 4th September 2008
Cwm Dulas and Gopa Wood.
Distance: 7+ miles; Climb:1500'.
Start: Abergele Pensarn Beach car park. Grid ref: SH942786
This has become one of our favourite walks beside the sea and visits some good vantage points from which to look towards the coast. Another opportunity to explore the woodland of Gopa Wood.
Leave Chester at 9-00 a.m.
Saturday 6th September 2008.
This walk was also cancelled. The weather had been so bad on the Friday and the forecast for the Saturday wasn't very encouraging either.
Conwy Mountain and The Druids Circle.
Distance:12-13 miles; Climb:2250'.
Start: Car park/coach park just off the B5106 Trfriw Road. Grid ref:SH782774.
The weather forecast for today was rather ify so the thought of travelling all the way Harlech with a good chance of abandoning the walk or only doing part of it seemed a little on the silly side. We could possibly do the Rpman Steps Walk on the 27th September as an alternative to the Cwm Nancol Walk.
This relatively low level walk is one we have done several times before and is one I always enjoy. Walking out along the west side of the ridge to the Druid Circles and returning along the east side of the ridge allows us to enjoy good views throughtout the walk. There are several oppportunities to shorten the walk if need be if the weather turns against us.
Leave Chester at 8-30 a.m.
Thursday 11th September 2008.
Mynydd Marian.

Distance:7-8 miles; Climb:1500+'.
Start: Llandulas shoreline car park. Grid ref:SH907786.
This is another of our favourite coastal walks and again visits the summit of Mynydd Marian with its fine views back towards the coast.
Leave Chester at 9-00 a.m.

Saturday 13th September 2008
The Nantlle Ridge.

Distance:10-11 miles; Climb:4000'.
Start:Rhyd Ddu car park (Pay and Display £3). Grid ref:SH571526.
Finish:Talysarn car park. Grid ref:SH487529.
This is the second best walk in Wales and is surpassed by the Snowdon Horseshoe. This will be the third attempt this year that we have tried to put this walk on. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us this time. We will need to take sufficient cars to enable us to have at least one car at Talysarn whilst starting the walk at Rhyd Ddu.
Leave Chester at 8-00 a.m.

Thursday 18th September 2008
Caer Carodog and Cwm Alwen.

Distance:10 miles. Climb:1500'.
Start: Car parking/picnic site opposite school in Llanfihangel Glyn Myfr. Grid ref:SH987496.
This walk will give us the opportunity to explore Caer Caradog on a walk that Dave Berry describes as visiting areas of open countryside and upland pastures, with excellent views. The Cwm Alwen extension uses part of the walk that we did a few weeks ago. Perhaps we will see Richard's Kingfisher this time!

Saturday 20th September 2008

Distance:7 miles. Climb:3100'.
Start:Rhyd Ddu car park (Pay and Display £3). Grid ref:SH571526.
The planned route is to use the miners/quarry track to Bwlch Cwm Lan and the Bwch Maen South Ridge ascent of Snowdon. descent will be by the easier Rhyd Ddu path. Don't expect any facilities on the summit, the building work looks set to continue for at least anothe year!
Leave Chester: 8-00 a.m.

Thursday 25th September 2008

Distance:8-9 miles. Climb:2000'.
Start: Lay-by on the A5 just outside Glasfryn. Grid ref:SH917502
This is another walk from Dave Berry's book "Walks Around Hiraethog Moors and Lakes.
He describes it as an exhilarating walk around the remote high moorland ridge of Mwdwl-Eithin, offering excellent views. This moorland romp can be wet underfoot and should be avoided in poor visibility!
Saturday 27th September 2008
The Roman Steps and Llyn Cwm Bychan.
Distance:12 miles; Climb:1500+'. Start: Car park/picnic site in Cwm Bychan. Grid ref:SH622299. This is a relatively low level walk in the Rhinogs and it is not intended to visit any of the summits on this occasion. This is a walk that I have intended doing since I first noticed it in a book that I bought in 1982! The walk will allow us to experience the ruggedness and beautiful scenery of this wild and wonderful area of Wales. It follows the valley past Llyn Cwm Bychan up the "Roman Steps" to Bwlch Drws Ardudwy and into Cwm Nantcol and onto Pont Cerrig and Craig Isaf before returning to the start. The start point is a little further away than usual, so we will need an early start. Leave Chester at 8-00 a.m.
Saturday 27th September 2008
Rhinog Fach, Y Llethr, Crib-y-Rhiw and Diffws.

Distance:9 miles. Climb:2500+'.
Start:Cwm Nantcol Small car park at the end of the valley. Small fee - pay at the farm. Grid ref: SH579065.

This is by far the best ridge walk in the Rhinogs. It is the same walk that we did in July 2002 for those that have good memories! The walk follows the main Rhinogs ridge from Rhinog Fack to Diffws before descending to Pont Scethin. It then crosses the ridge between Moelfas and Moel Blithcwm back into Cwm Nantcol.
Leave Chester 8-00 a.m.

Saturday 27th September 2008
Carnedd Llewelyn and the Western Carneddau
Distance:11miles; Climb:3700'.
Start: Car park/layby adjacent to Llyn Ogwen on the A5. Grid ref:SH668605
This challenging walk is one we haven't done for some time, and weather conditions will need to be good if it is to be attempted. This is the walk taken from Nuttalls' book "The Mountains of England and wales Volume 1 Wales", and includes what I think is one of the best approaches to the summit on Pen yr Ole Wen.
Leave Chester at 8-00 a.m.
A choice of three walks, we will need to discuss which is the best option during Thursday's walk or earlier!
This walk on the Carneddau has been chosen as the walk to do.

Mwdwl Eithin 25th September 2008

Crossing some of the easier pathless terrain. The Awen Reservoir from Mwdwl-Eithin
Lunch time at the cairn on the summit of Mwdwl-Eithin
Martyn at the trig point on Mwdwl-Eithin - a lifetime achievement!
Walk stats:Distance:10.3 miles; Climb:1295'.
Time:5 hours 12 minutes;Walking average:2.3 m.p.h.;Overall walk average:2.0 m.p.h.
Group:Martyn, Richard, Annie H., Fan and Tito, Sue and Michel, Sylvia and DaveJ., and Oli Green.
This walk was undertaken in pleasant weather conditions, dry, not too hot or sunny and very little wind. his was very fortunate as this walk turned out to be far more challenging than we had anticipated at the start. The paths when we could find them were quite good, but there was plenty of terrain where the paths were hidden by overgrown heather, bilberry or bracken. Comping across this wild moorland terrain wasn't everyone's cup of tea, to say nothing about the strain it put on our knees and leg muscles. It was rather boggy in places too! Richard's Satmap device helped us to believe that we were still on the path, even if our feet didn't acknowledge the fact!
However we did have a lovely lunch spot alongside the cairn on the summit of Mwdwl-Eithin, a peak that I have wanted to climb for years. It could be a once in a lifetime achievement!
Sandwiches were provided by Fran (back at her Christmas job with M & S) and excellent they were too. The views in all directions were good but somewhat hazy, particularly towards Snowdon.
Birds seen or heard today included:Buzzard, Raven, Snipe and Meadow pipit.
After walk refreshments were taken at the Britannia Inn at Pentre Halkyn. As usual Sarah gave us a warm welcome and had already started to poor a pint of Lees bitter for us, she had seen our car go past the window.Apparently Sarah and Kelly, the tenants of the Britannia Inn got engaged at the week-end!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Snowdon 20th September 2008

Hafod Eryri
Fran and Tito on the best section of the the south ridge.
My favourite mountain, Y Lliwedd, from the crowded Yr Wyddfa summit.
The Nantlle Ridge
The group resting on the Rhydd Ddu Path.
Walk stats:8.0 miles; Climb:2838'.
Time:5 hours 45 minutes; Walking average:1.7 m.p.h.;Overall walk average:1.4 m.p.h.
Group:Martyn, Richard; Dave J., Fran, Tito and Sue Powell.
Today's weather was really good for our second attempt of the year to complete this walk up Snowdon, ascending via Bwlch Cwm Lan, Allt Maenderyn and Bwlch Maen and descending via the Rhyd Ddu Path. The views all round were excellent, particularly the peaks of the Snowdon Horseshoe. Hafod Eryri was almost complete and we found out that it was to be handed over on Monday, but wouldn't be open to the public until 2009. The stone-clad frontage of Hafod Eryri looks good and is a vast improvement on the old cafe. I was pleasingly surprised with this new build. This gloriously sunny day brought out the hoards, there must have been several hundred walkers of all ages (we were somewhere in the middle age group) clambering around the summit trig point.
Birds seen or heard today were few and far between with only Meadow Pipits and Ravens putting in appearances.
After walk drinks were taken at the Britannia Inn, Pentre Halkyn It was good to see Richard try a half of J.W.Lees amber nectar despite his continued stomach upset.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Caer Caradog and Cwm Alwen 18th September 2008

Michel and Sue on the footpath that we couldn't find on the first time that we did this walk.
Caer Caradog, but alas no access to the hill fort could be seen.
Michel - the big game hunter.
In the woods close to the Afon Alwen on the last leg of the walk.
Walk stats: Distance: 9.8 miles (10 miles if you count the walk from the public car park in Mold to the Golden Cape on Wrexham Street); Climb:1191'.
Time:4 hours 52 minutes; Walking average:2.5 m.p.h.;Overall walk average:2.0 m.p.h.
Group:Martyn, Richard, Dave J., Annie H., Sue and Michel.
Weather for today's walk was just about perfect, adding to this wondeful little excursion in the hills near Cerrigrydrudion. The only disappointment was the fact that we were unable to visit the summit of Mwdwl-eithin even though it was located on open access land. The wild heather clad ground across all of the open access land was sufficient o put us off any attempt to reach the summit trig point on this occasion. Despite not reaching any summit, the views towards the Llantysilo Range and the Berwyns were superb. There were also good views towards Snowdonia. It is days like this that make walking at this time of the year such a treat.
The highlight of the day was a young Brown Hare racing down the field ahead of as we descended from Caer Caradog .

Birds seen or heard today included:Jay, Carrion crow, Raven, Herring gull, Stonechat, Chaffinch, Bullfinch, Meadow pipit, Buzzard, Pied wagtail, Goldfinch and Redstart.
After walk drinks were taken at the Golden Cape in Mold, a Wetherspoon outlet that at least keeps their real ales in good condition. Beers sampled today included Titanic Mild, Dutchy Organic Bitter and Golden Cape Bitter. The latter was unfortunately desguised as real ale but was in fact a keg bitter served with a dummy hand pump that only operated the keg tap below. I won't be caught out a second time! Despite this incident the Golden Cape is likely to become one of our hostelries on this side when the Cholomendy Arms is closed. Richard only drank fizzy water, unfortunately he had an upstet stomach that had plagued him for the last few days. Despite that it didn't slow him down!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Conwy Mountain 13th August 2008

On the North Wales path with Conwy Castle in the background.
At the start of Conwy Mountain Ridge with the Great Orme in the background.
At Caer Seion hill fort.
Wild ponies on Conwy Mountain close to the hill fort.
On the summit of Craigfadwen. Only Fran knows what Richard is pointing out!
Walk stats: Distance: 10.0 miles; Climb:1932'.
Time:4 hours 54 minutes; Walking average:2.4 m.p.h.;Overall walk average:2.0 m.p.h.
Group:Martyn, Richard, Mike D., Fran and Tito.
What a glorious day this turned out to be. Sunshine and blue skies for most of the time. Following the ridge route over the hill fort Caer Seion always gives magnificent views in all directions, but especially across the sea towards the Great Orme. On this occasion I decided not to continue the walk as far as the Druids Circle and instead decided to explore the little rock outcrop called Craigyfedwen another good viewpoint.
Birds seen or heard today included:Swallow, Carrion crow, Jackdaw, Raven, Chough, Stonechat, Magpie and Meadow pipit.
We received the usual warm welcome at the Britannia Inn at Pentre Halkyn where the J.W Lees bitter was in fine warm, although Mike decided he wanted to sample something with a little more body and went for the Moonraker!
Overall an excellent day out, Liverpool beat man Utd and Chester beat Grimsby. This gem of a walk is destined to be repeated many times.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Mynydd Marian 11th September 2008

Most of the group at the lunch spot on Mynydd Marian.
Are we really enjoying this walk?
The view towards the sea from our lunch spot on Mynydd Marian.
Walk stats: Distance:8.1 miles; Climb:1307'.
Time: 3 hours 32 minutes; Walking average: 2.8 m.p.h.: Overall walk average: 2.3 m.p.h.
Group:Martyn, Richard, Dave J., Tim, Annie H., Michel and Sue, Fran and Tito.
Weather today was almost beyond our expectations. Bright and sunny throughout and somewhat blustery in places. This popular walk lived up to its reputation with so many sections giving wonderful views towards the sea and to Snowdonia. The bonus today was one of the local residents in Old Colwyn informing us about the history of one of the paths that we were following. apparently it had been in use for over 1000 years. We are glad that it is still open now! On this occasion we decided to take the lower North Wales Path on the return to Llandulas, always pleasant, but on this occasion no sign of the Peregrine falcons.
Birds seen or heard today included: Herring gull, Cormorant, Oystercatcher, Carrion crow, Pied wagtail, Wheatear, Kestrel, Magpie, Woodpidgeon, Jackdaw and Goldfinch.
As always we received a warm welcome at the Britannia Inn, Pentre Halkyn and as we have come to expect the pints of J.W. Lees bitter was on good form!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Cwm Dulas and Gopa Wood 4th September 2008

Walk stats:
Distance 7.95 miles;Climb: 1,136'.
Walking average:2.8 mph;Overall walk average:1.9 mph.
Group:Richard, Roger, Tim, Celia and Annie H.
Walk started in reasonable weather along beach.

Intermittent showers on our way up from the beach, no birds of note seen, however, the herd of Llamas has increased somewhat and there was quite a variety of different colours on show.

Just before the usual lunch spot we were besieged by approximately 20 Buzzards wheeling above us - quite a sight!

Glorious views of sea and cloudy horizons from viewing spot on descent from Gopa Wood.

Hit by torrential shower just past entrance to golf club. On Annie's suggestion we sheltered under a convenient oak tree 'til it passed.

Managed to get back to cars with no further deluges.

Torrential rain on route back along A55 to the Britannia where I guess that the usual drinks were enjoyed - I decided not to go.

Hope that this garbled record gives you enough detail for the Blog? Sadly none of us had the foresight to bring a camera (I thought about it but didn't want to get mine wet!) hence no photographs.

Birds seen or heard today included:Heron (looking for food by standing on a sandbank), Oystercatchers, Curlews, Cormorants and the star turn of the day "a Wake of Buzzards" (at least 11 noted together).

Report info by Richard with the "wake" info provided by Roger.